Liverpool's Match against Watford

The inevitable question of Liverpool’s place amongst the greatest and most ruthless teams to grace the premier league had been a debate up until the unprecedented break the world had to endure as a result of the convid-19 virus. The halt to football saw a lucid deterioration of the argument, however, the 3:0 loss to Watford in February coupled with the bizarre elimination of the European champions from the UCL negatively escalated the belief of the majority towards their bid as the greatest EPL team.

Prior to the loss Liverpool where firmly in possession of the greatest winning record a Premier league season had ever witnessed. Their marauding destruction of every opponent thrown their way by the EPL fixtures schedule provoked praise and recognition from every football pundit, past and current players, fans and rival fans alike. Jurgen Klopp’s side had successfully won the love of many and mapped out a path no European team had dared treaded domestically.

The European Champions were more than 65% into their domestic league fixtures and had formed a formidable 99% win percentage whilst drawing only their away tie at Old Trafford eight games into the season. A lot of football critiques eventually gave up the idea of seeing this outrageous team loosing, slightly touting them finish the season unbeaten.

Liverpool seemed unplayable and looked determined to shatter the famous Arsenal Invincibles record of finishing a season unbeaten whilst setting a new and near impossible record en route to the title before they were drawn back by a resilient Watford side. They were outclassed, subdued and battered 3:0 in agonizing fashion at home by a relegation battling team, not only did the loss preserve the Invincibles record it also paved the way for back to back losses and elimination from the FA cup and champions league respectively falling short of matching United’s treble winners of the 98’/99′ campaign.

 In the space of weeks Jurgen Klopp’s Formidable Liverpool side went from aspiring domestic treble winners, treble winners, double winners and potentially finishing unbeaten domestically to settling for just one trophy in unarguably the clubs most fruitful season of the premier league era. That should probably go down as the biggest disappointment the club has ever witnessed considering the resources at their disposal. A lot of reactions has surfaced stating Liverpool’s unequal achievement and accomplishment indirect comparisons to great sides the premier league had witnessed.

Many critiques believe this current Liverpool team have to do more than winning the EPL to viably be mentioned in the same grace as United’s treble winners, Arsenals Invincibles, Mourinho’s breathtaking Chealsea side of the 2000s, City’s domestic treble winners and the centurions of Manchester. With perhaps the greatest start to a season effectively sustained through midseason to its closing stages Europe have ever witnessed, a feat Barca’s golden generation could not produce nor could Juventus’s 8yrs dominant series A side, would it be fair to snub this exciting Liverpool side from securing a place amongst legendary sides? Definitely not in my opinion.

  Liverpool would have to do more than just winning a league title to effectively cement their place amongst other legendary Premier league and European sides.

Tell us what you think. Are they qualified to be thrown into the legendary bracket?

by Gracious Adebayo


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